HVAC Energy Saving Tips – Lincoln, NE

An average household spends over $2,200 a year on energy bills. More than half of that money comes from cooling and heating costs. With the summer heat is at the peak, homeowners are now turning their HVAC systems to full blast. However, you can avoid the hefty repair bills and save electricity by giving your HVAC systems a check-up. Before the extreme temperatures are in session, be sure to maintain the HVAC system. Therefore, try our tune-up, energy-saving tips.

DIY Maintenance

• Change/clean the air filter. You will expect to lower the energy costs by 15 percent if you clean the air filter. You should dispose your re-usable filter or wash your re-usable filter once a month.

• Clear the area around the outdoor unit. There should be little or no vegetation around the unit to give it ease in pulling the air.

Calling in a Professional

Some parts of the HVAC system require thorough maintenance. An annual check-up is necessary by a service technician. A professional checkup will cost you around $50. The technician will:

• Clean the indoor and outdoor units. The professional will clean the fan blades for the outdoor condenser for efficiency. They will also maintain the ability of the system to conduct its purpose efficiently.

Help Your HVAC do its Job

To get the most out of the system, use the following tips.

• Set your thermostat to an ideal temperature. Setting the air conditioner to a colder temperature doesn’t make it work faster. However, it will work for longer than expected. You will save 1 percent of the total cost if you set it to where you want.

• Seal your cooling/heating ducts. Make sure doors, windows, crannies, and nooks are sealed to avoid heat loss through convection.

• Get a programmable thermostat. With the programmable thermostat, it’s easy to save energy because you don’t save temperature easily. A smart programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature from your phone.