Heating and Air Maintenance and Energy Savings

When winter approaches the temperature drops and people start to increase their thermostats to keep their homes warm and comfy. Turning up the temperature also means a spike in the heating bills. For those who want to save money on their winter bills without sacrificing comfort, here are some handy winter energy saving tips you can use when the cold starts to set in.

Replace Furnace Filters

One of the most basic HVAC tips is to keep your furnace filters clean. A dirty filter restricts proper airflow and works harder. Your furnace will consume a lot of energy without actually producing heat.

Use The Sun

Allow natural sunlight to warm your house during the day by opening your curtains, and when night falls, close them up to keep the cold out. It may not seem much but the added warmth will help keep the costs of heating bills down.

Adjust Water Heater Temperature

One of the most useful winter energy saving tips is to adjust your water heater to a safe and energy-efficient 120 degrees. It will consume less energy while lessening the chances of scalding and pipe erosion.

Invest in Insulation

Getting your attic properly insulated and ensuring there are no air leaks anywhere inside the home will significantly bring your heating and cooling bills down.