Dear Valued Customer,

Like most of you, we have spent the past few weeks learning about the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the impact it is having across the world. For our All Pro family, this means taking a close look at the impact this virus is having on our communities and developing a plan to reduce health risks for everyone.

Our business was built on a foundation of caring – about our communities, our vendors, our customers, our employees, and our company. During an infectious disease outbreak, this means taking every precaution possible to keep others healthy and safe. With this objective in mind, we have implemented several procedures in our business to respond to and reduce the threat of COVID-19, such as:

  • All employees who are able to work from home, including our dispatch team, will do so, beginning immediately and continuing until the threat is reduced
  • In-person group meetings and gatherings will be suspended or handled online
  • Professional cleaning services will sanitize office on a set schedule, focusing on all high-contact and high-traffic areas
  • All employees and technicians will limit physical contact, including hand shaking, with customers and other team members
  • Service technicians will take extra precaution when entering a customer’s home, including inquiring with customers if they have any symptoms of illness and wearing protective gloves whenever possible
  • New illness protocols will be put into effect mandating the report of illness at the first sign of any symptom, and suspension of in-person contact with others until the risk of infection has passed
  • Employees are encouraged to stay home if anyone in their household is sick, if they feel any signs of illness, and follow our “CASCADE” policy:
    • Clean hands often
    • Avoid close contact
    • Stay home if sick
    • Cover coughs and sneezes
    • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, with unwashed hands
    • Disinfect and clean frequently touched surfaces
    • Ensure customers unique needs are addressed

We know that home service problems occur even during illnesses and health concerns. Many of you have scheduled service or repair appointments, and many more will have unforeseen home service needs during the upcoming days and weeks. We are always here to help. We are committed to serving your household to the best of our ability – and maintaining the lowest health risk possible while doing so. If you have any concerns, we will be happy to discuss solutions with you, or reschedule your appointment.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and remain dedicated to the health and safety of your families and our team.

All my best,
Constantine Syniy